This is a re-create of the fy_pool_party series from Counter-Strike:Source.

Have enchanted it into an epic Insurgent style pool party environment!
Hope you guys like it! The screenshots from the download folder is taken from my mod but it is pretty similar though. Just a few upgrades in the Insurgency version and improved skybox.

This map comes with an:
- .IMC2 file
- .RES file
- .BSP file
- Default Materials
- Screenshots

Created by: Fun-Piranesi

Check our mod "Battle-Force" for HL2 / source sdk base 2006. Here ---> :-)

BTW: The overlays got kinda bugged... :( But it's not a big situation. I will fix it for the next release!

-> Applications / Editors used:
- Adobe Photoshop CS5
- VTFEdit
- Notepad
- Hammer
- Source SDK
-> Inspirations:
- CSS fy pool_party map
-> Improvements:
- Fix the blurring overlays
- Add 3D skybox
- Add more powerful HDR lightning
-> Known bugs:
- The overlays are shaking :P (kinda)

Enjoy! :-)

1: Download
2: Open folder with WinZip or WinRAR
3: Move the following folders: "Maps and Materials" to your "C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Account Name/Insurgency/Insurgency/"

Download here: 

FPSBanana 1:
FPSBanana 2:




Published:Sep 24th 2010
Modified:Sep 24th 2010


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