Islamabad is ready for hardcore tactical amusement!
"ins_islamabad_night" is ready to deliver real time HDR visuals and as well great color correction. A balanced tight city, close combat map! With great Fog and Night lightning.

Currently Beta release stage! :D

Concept / History Line:

- There are still a lot of heavy rain fall in Islamabad, Pakistan. A lot of sand has slithered, leaving a lot of the city in ruins and people trapped beneath the sand. And suddenly out from no where, the Talibans are trying to take control over Islamabad! It's up to the USMC to re-gain the control of ISLAMABAD!

The map features:

- A great level overview
- Great VGUI conflict overview
- Full HDR 2D skybox and visuals
- 3D skybox
- A Mosque
- Close combat
- 3 Objectives
- Safe spawns
- Tight city environments
- IMC2 file
- Default textures / materials
- .RES file
- Waterfall Fountain
- Great Fog
- Great Night theme lightning!

- Hope we could play this map in a clan war some day! ;)

 Download Link:


Install Instructions:


Place the folders "maps, materials, resource" in your

Step by our mod "Battle-Force" ---> ""

Enjoy the map! :)


- This map project is also known as "Ins_Kurizh_Extreme" More info about the work on this project can be found on our homepage!


Pictures --->



Published:Nov 7th 2010
Modified:Nov 7th 2010


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