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Hey guys, finally the final ISLAMABAD map has been released, you can find it 24/7 on my server so I hope we could be playing some active matches in this map! In this release I have fixed everything in the map, added more details, Full HDR, and more! The map will as well not crash anymore as I have fixed the compile issues, and I have optimized it heavily. So now I guarantee you that the FPS is going to be around 60-300 FPS! If you have a modern computer you should not worry. The fps drops to 70-60 in highly visible areas, where you are surrounded by a lot of brushes and details, and it arises when you are in not so heavily visible areas, where you are not surrounded by too many details. :)

  Download Link 1: -|TDB|- Clan
  Download Link 2: Megaupload
  Download Link 3: MODDB

Pictures of the new map can be found at the far end of the post!

Here is my documentation log about the whole history and features, etc... :)

Hello there, thanks for showing interest in the Islamabad project!
The development for this project has currently been CLOSED! Simply because the project is 100% FINISHED! Thats right! It's finito!!

The Schedule has been like this: (The maps included in this project)
1: ins_Akahablah (For CSS)
2: de_Kurizh (For CSS)
3: ins_Kurizh (For INS)
4: ins_Mosul (For INS) (Name were changed to ins_Kurizh_Extreme later on)
 5: ins_Kurizh_Extreme (For INS) (Never released due to compile errors and crashes)
6: BF_Battle_Kurizh_v2 (For Battle-Force) (BF is our HL2 mod, we fixed a little on ins_kurizh_extreme and used it for our mod)
7: BF_Peshaahr (For Battle-Force) (Fixed more on the BF_Battle_Kurizh_v2)

The big changes happened here:

8: ins_Islamabad Score 7 of 10 (For INS) (Finally a full release of INS_Kurizh_Extreme, what was ins_Kurizh_Extreme? Well, it was both ins_Kurizh and a new part added to the map which is ins_islamabad, this was removed in the BF_Battle_Kurizh and proceed without it from then on)

9: ins_Islamabad_night Score 8 of 10 (For INS) (The best release for its time! But I still did not fix the compile errors (Had to skip VVIS), so if you experienced issues with crashing and so on then that was the cause for it.. So It were not done yet!!)

10: ins_Islamabad_FINAL Score 10 of 10 (For INS) (The most detailed map ever! Features FULL HDR / HD. Finally I fixed all the compile bugs and errors and I can now compile the map with VVIS on normal!)

This is the full HISTORY of the Islamabad Project.

Project Details:
Total Time spent: 1 Year / 365 Days
Total Size of all map files and backups: To lazy to count it all but it should be a tough 3-4GB +++
Final map/release was completed: 05.02.2011

Ins_Islamabad_FINAL Documentation / Features:

Game: Insurgency HL2 mod!
Map Size: 56MB uncompressed
Default Textures?: Yes, lots of them!
Default Models: Yes, a few of those.
Compile Method: Hammer World Editor @ FULL HDR Compile -Final (!Slow!).
Compile Time: 6 Hours.
Optimization: Yes, most modern computers/laptops will manage to run this map on 65-90 FPS in huge detailed areas (Where it is a lot visibility) And around 100-300+ FPS where there is less visibility!
The map has been optimized by using advanced and precise PROP fading to props, using a thick and powerful fog to hide overlays, decals and so on. And as well reduce the max render able distance, you won't be available to render the whole map. It is set at 2500 Inches to be rendered, more will be rendered as you walk further into the map of course.
Safe Spawns?: Yes!
No known bugs or glitches?: Nope, this map is currently empty of bugs!
Available to exploit glitches/bugs?: There might be some but if you manage to do that you're probably cheating, so no.. There won't be available to find a lot of glitches like getting on a roof of a blocked off building.
Tactical Gameplay?: Oh hell yea!
Objectives?: Yes, there is four objectives: A, B, C and D!
Overview?: Yes.
Conflict Overview?: Yes.
IMC2 File?: Yes.
Resource file?: Yes.
Release date: 06.02.2010
VMF file: Nope. If you are interested to learn from my map or use it to extend it or improve it you can send me an e-mail at or post a topic in my forums at my homepage!

Tools used:

- Photoshop CS5 Extended Edition
- VTFEdit
- Vmex
- Pakrat
- VMT Editor
- HDR / Color Corrections
- Hammer World Editor
- Cubase 5.1
- Source SDK
- Steam

Ins_Islamabad_Final Concept / Gameplay History Line:

There are still a lot of heavy rainfall in Islamabad, Pakistan.
A lot of sand has slid, leaving a lot of the city in ruins and people trapped beneath the sand.
And suddenly out from nowhere, the Talibans are trying to take control over Islamabad!
It's up to the USMC to regain the control of ISLAMABAD!
 Check for more maps!

Install Instructions: To run this map on a server or to play solo/lan move all the folders in your "ins_islamabad_final.Zip" over into your "C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/ACCOUNT NAME/Insurgency/Insurgency" folder! If you get any message about overwrite existing files you should say yes to that!

 For more INFO and Awesome maps check our homepage: Fun-Piranesi
 Do you like Mods better than original games? Then you definitely should check out our epic HL2 modification "Battle-Force"! Check this page for more info about it: Battle-Force

Other Upcoming Projects:

- ins_Jablamahad_Mountain is going to be the first and best mountain map for INS, it will feature A LOT of default models, textures and sounds and it will be a fully snow theme, with a lot of realistic snowfall and fog and as well as night lightning / theme.
- Battle-Force: Multi Player v6.2 Beta Patch will feature full SOLO & MULTI Player Coop gameplay where you will fight against lots of NPCs in arena stylish maps, similar to Lost Planet 2!

That is all for now! I hope you will add my new INS map for your server and tell other peoples about it too! Trust me, you won't regret it! This map has a lot of awesome features and good gameplay features!! :-D

Step by my homepage if you need help or similarities like that!! :)

Add me on steam: "Bernt705"

Servers that will feature "ins_islamabad_FINAL" 24/7: "" <--- ( Please add this one to your server favorites)


Q1: Has the map been optimized now?
A1: Yes, now you will run it with at least 70 fps in high visible areas and 100-300+ FPS in areas where there is less visibility! :D
Q2: Will the map be hosted on some official servers?
A2: Yes, it will be hosted on my server here:, but you're free to host in on your own server too.
Q3: Will the map crash my server?
A3: Nope, that only happened on the Islamabad day and night versions, the final version has been highly fixed so this will not occur, I guarantee it!

- Written by Pretador "6th February, 2011"

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