Mapping for Insurgency Tutorial



 Here is some basics about easily adding Insurgency to Source SDK!:


First load Source SDK found in your Tools section. Make sure you engine version at the bottom says: Half-Life: 2 Episode 1. You can load on any game so start hammer up!

Now at the top of hammer click tools->Options.

You should be at game configuration tab. Next to configuration you'll see a button that says edit. Click it and hit Add then put in Insurgency.

Now for all the tabs please look at the picture and review it.

Refer to image 1

Now the last step click on the Build Programs tab and look at the picture again.

Refer to image 2

After so hit apply and ok then restart hammer/source sdk and under hl2ep1 you will see the game Insurgency. Click it and there you go.





Published:Sep 24th 2010
Modified:Sep 24th 2010


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