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Hey guys,
If you haven't completed Mafia 2 yet and you keep getting fed up by dying, you can download some game trainers here:

Mafia II +11 v1.0 trainer non-steam --->
Mafia II +11 v1.1 trainer work for non-steam and steam --->
Mafia II  +5 v1.1 Trainer for Steam --->
Mafia II  +5 v1.1 Trainer for non-steam --->

Enjoy!  :)

Now if YOU have completed Mafia II and you ask yourself "No free ride?"
You might as well download this free ride mod. It removes all missions and let you play and have fun in the snow environments or in the sunny environments, all after what you choose!

Mafia II Free Ride Mode --->

Extra ---> If you want to download the Made Man pack (DLC) which includes a new vehicle which is the fastest vehicle in the game + a few new awesome looking shirts, download this --->

Made Man DLC --->

> Support <

If you are having problems downloading or installing, please report to me! And as well don't forget to create back up files of the Free Ride Mod. <--- (The existing files, in case you want to go over to Single Player again)


I hope that this will help you have more F-U-N!  ::)



Published:Sep 26th 2010
Modified:Sep 26th 2010


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