How to fix Incorrect Price Blob Version, Update your Server!

Hello, here is some fast tips to fix the bug "INCORRECT BLOB VERSION, UPDATE YOUR SERVER"

To fix it go on and click on "What is Steam" or "About" and then look for "WINDOWS HLDS UPDATE TOOL" Linux version of it is just below.

When the installer is running chose the path for your source: dedicated server. (install it to your source dedicated server folder)

When done installing it you need to run it 2-3 times then you will see a file called "ClientRegistry.blob" delete it and then run the hlds tool 2 or more times and your server is up to date! Good Luck! ;) (REMEMBER TO RESTART YOUR SERVER WHEN DONE!) :)

Edit: If it does not work you have to write "cl_dynamicpricing 0 or mp_dynamicpricing 0" in Autoexec.cfg! But it requires that you have been running the HLDS Update Tool! :-)

Windows HLDS Download

Linux HLDS Download


Published:Sep 24th 2010
Modified:Sep 24th 2010


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