How to add Mani_Admin_Plugin to a CSS Server

Hello, I'm Bernt and I will tell you how to solve most bugs when installing a mod to your server, today it will be "Mani_Admin_Plugin"

Step 1: Add all files to your cstrike folder

Step 2: Download metamod:source and add files in cstrike folder
Step 3: Write addons\mani_admin_plugin\bin\mani_admin_plugin_mm in metamod.cfg!

Step 4: Edit the cfg/mani_server if you want to!

Part 2: Adding Quake Sounds

Step 1: Simply go on and download quake sound pack.

Step 2: When done it add all the files into your cstrike folder!

Step 3: Open cfg/mani_quake_sounds.cfg and change mani_quake_sounds to 1

Success fully done adding all files !

Part 3: Make a Server.cfg file if you don't got. Can make this at

Step 1: When got a server.cfg file open it and go to the bottom of the file and write // Mani_Admin_Plugin
exec mani_list.cfg
exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg

Then mani mod is fully installed and ready for use!


Published:Sep 24th 2010
Modified:Sep 24th 2010


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