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Black Snow Coop Server Files


Black Snow Coop v1.2.0 Server Files + Fixes:

These are the updated server files, a slight change in the server.cfg which prevented players from transiting in v1.1.0 and v1.0.0. Use these files if you wish to host an dedicated server! Check my tutorial on how to setup the server if you need further assistance!


To fix cache flushing and errors like "CMDL cache too high" apply this in your properties, to find properties goto Steam - > Library - > Black Snow Coop - > Right Click - > Properties - > Launch Options - > write "-heapsize 1024000" or if you are hosting a server add it to the properties of the shortcut of SRCDS.

Happy Easter!

Have fun!

Check this tutorial if you don't know how to host a server:


Download Black Snow Coop Server Files

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