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HL2DM G36C skin for SMG1 & AR2


This is a recompile I did by request for a friend.

Credits for the model goes to : ( SoJa ) :

- TheLama

- Thanez

- TOC Team

- Modderfreak

- XLongWayHome

- Twinke Masta

- Flamshmizer

- Fxdarkloki

- Recompile and fix for multiplayer by Pretador, check my mods : Battle-Force & The Forgotten Ones! For HL2! :D

- Homepages : & !

Have fun!

To install place the models, materials, sound & scripts folder into your hl2mp folder!
This gives you a G36C for AR2 and SMG1. If you only want for one of them, then just delete the w_smg1 & v_smg1 or w_irifle & v_irifle !
And delete the sound folder for the related wep. ;)

Good luck!


Download HL2DM G36C skin for SMG1 & AR2

Added by Toox on Wednesday, December 19, 2012
File Size 9,204.86KB
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