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Fun-Piranesi's late New Year update Tags: fp bf tfo bfmp source fun piranesi update new year 2012 latest

Hello there folks, as you might have seen on our moddb page a lot of changes have happened and I haven't written anything here yet. So now its time to write it here too. 
I will now present to you the latest of Battle-Force & The Forgotten Ones, this info can also be found on the "Battle-Force" or "The Forgotten Ones" page though.



1. Battle-Force:

  • A: BFMP v6.75 Beta Update log / How to install
  • B: Download Link ( Full )
  • C: Gameplay video

2. The Forgotten Ones:

  • A: TFO v1.5 Beta Patch Update log / How to install
  • B: Download Link ( Requires TFO v1.0 Beta )
  • C: Walkthrough video




How to install properly:

To install "Battle-Force: Multi Player" move the "battleforce" folder into your
"C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Sourcemods" Folder...

Also make sure that Source SDK Base 2007 is fully installed and that you have any other source game installed: HL2, CSS, TF2, HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2, etc...

If you get any errors during install, check our support topics on our homepage:
"http://piranesi.afilowc.net" or "http://funpiranesi.wiki-site.com/index.php/Category:Battle-Force"

You should delete all previous content of Battle-Force before you extract in the new version, this is due to that some files has been removed in new versions, if you still have those files then most likely the game will not work perfectly.

This new Battle-Force: Multi Player version includes the following changes(v6.75 Beta):

- Added breathe & heartbeat sound when low on health.
- Added breathe & heartbeat sound when low on stamina.
- Changed game name from "Team Deathmatch" to "Battle-Force".
- Added new parameters in gameinfo file.
- Reduced filesizes a lot!
- Minor bug fixes.
- Ironsight lag added.
- Updated Maplist, Mapcycle, Motd files and Steam.inf file.
- Blur shader element when ironsighted added.
- Remove veins HUD when dead & when you have joined a new game.
- Hide Health, Sprint & Ammo HUD when in vehicle.
- Added new Loading Scheme.
- Radio commands.
- Added emit particle / bullet decal on ground-turret.
- Lose Stamina when jumping.
- Fixed weapon weight in weapon scripts.


- See your legs / body when looking down.
- Free aim! // Perhaps...
- Fix A.I.
- New Maps for A.I vs Humans.
- Change speed of the player when he is IRONSIGHTED! (If still not done/implemented)
- Fix thirdperson cam.
- New Weaponselection HUD.
- Mini-map pictures for each map in the server dialogue.
- Add emit particle / bullet decal on Tank turret on jeep apc tank vehicle.
Thanks for supporting us and thanks for downloading!

Hopefully this version will not be a pain to download, I will work further on reducing the filesize even more by the next version. :)

Our server is up 24/7 come join us sometime! Add it to your favorite list on Steam, IP: "" ...



Battle-Force: Multi Player v6.75 Beta Full



I know that I should have released this patch a while ago.. My apologies.
This patch will remove all the "Hell yeah", "This is exciting, I wonder what will happen next", etc... sounds.
I have also added slight changes to the loading dialog, sourcescheme( the main menu ), replaced some sound files like the default locked sound and also replaced some with the null soundfile so that when you get hit a few times you will not emit the sound which says "I'm hit, you better get a medkit, hurry!".
Hopefully TFO will become slightly scarier now! :) and also stay tuned for TFO v2.0, I'm almost done with the coding, scripting, sound engineering, resourcing so then I'll have to complete the Chapter 4 map and Chapter 5 map and add new faceposer scenes and I could need some voice actors for these scenes and also the previous ones, as I'm not a good voice actor. If you are interested then send me a PM. :)

To install:
Extract the "tfo" folder into your "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Sourcemods\" folder. ( Make sure that your existing files has been overwritten by the new ones! )


The Forgotten Ones v1.5 Beta Patch




The Forgotten Ones has officially been released! Tags: tfo mod hl2:ep2 game The Forgotten Ones horror half-life 2: episode 2 moddb valve creepy download released link

The Forgotten Ones has been officially released!

After almost 4 long months with a lot of work it is finally here!
The Forgotten Ones is now ready to be played!
The download link can be found here: -> The Forgotten Ones v1.0 Beta <- 
TFO takes approximately 2.3-2.6GB of size. (Uncompressed)
Proper install instructions:

  • Move the "tfo" folder into your "C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Sourcemods" Folder. 
  • Make sure that these games are installed: Source SDK Base 2007, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast.
  • Turn off all the lights in your room.
  •  If you got a Full-HD screen with a high resolution this will be a plus, due to that the current Health HUD element will be shown best at a high resolution, but a patch will come for this in the future, which will add a brand new health bar/HUD! (But of course a good monitor with high resolution will increase visualization in-game)
  • Your volume should be loud/er.
  • Make sure that all graphic settings are on max, and as well make sure that Color Correction is Enabled!!! 

TFO will freak you out by:
1: Detailed texturing.
2: A lot of ambient sounds.
3: High-res models and textures /w bump maps.
4: Atmosphere.
5: Intensity!

Brief history:
You are to be "Grobuskna Vladinov" a Nazi detective who has been tracking retired Nazi officers who are still breathing freely.
His family got executed during the second world war, and recently he found out who did it, his name is "Dr. Schienzel" and he lives deep inside "Forest swastika" in Germany.
He was Josef Mengele's secret right hand, he helped him with his inhumane treatments and experiments on the human body.
Now Grobuskna is to get to his location, and you are going to decide what will happen next!

- I hope that you will enjoy this new awesome Horror mod! =)
- Cheers!!! :D

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