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Battle-Force: Multi Player v6.5 has been officially released! Tags: battle force hl2 sdk base 2007 half-life 2 mod hl2 mod battle-force hl2 fun piranesi released v6.5 beta full

Battle-Force: Multi Player v6.5 Beta Update Log:

  • Ported all content and coding over to the latest OrangeBox engine
  • Added FOV change to Ironsights
  • Added Dynamic Scopes
  • Your weapon will be lowered during Sprint
  • Your weapon will be lowered when you climb up a ladder
  • Your weapon will be lowered when you Jump
  • Your weapon will be lowered when you are floating/flying (When walking off a cliff)
  • Your weapon will be lowered if using the noclip cheat
  • Ironsight will be disabled during Sprint
  • Ironsight will be disabled when you are climbing up a ladder
  • Ironsight will be disabled when you Jump
  • Ironsight will be disabled when you are floating/flying (When walking off a cliff)
  • Ironsight will be disabled when using the noclip cheat
  • Ironsight will be disabled when holstering your weapon
  • Ironsight will be disabled when reloading
  • The Turret for the APC tank can now be controlled and rotated by the player
  • Added Classes and Classmenu
  • Added Team Menu (BFMP is now Teamplay only!)
  • Fixed viewmodel-rotate bug
  • Implemented FMOD sound system
  • Added HUD veins overlay which will be shown when the player has been hit by a bullet or a melee weapon
  • Added regenerating health
  • Fixed weapon damages on all weapons
  • Added a brand new GUI to the main menu, weapon selections, resource history when you pick up weapons/items/ammo
  • Added new Ammo HUD
  • Added new Sprint HUD
  • Removed Combine & Rebels text appearing around the Sprint bar
  • Removed HUD Health
  • Removed HUD Crosshair
  • Removed HUD Suit
  • Removed HUD Flashlight
  • Fixed bullet spread while Ironsighted, this will lead to more precise shooting when using Ironsights
  • Fixed Crossbow shoot through glass
  • Scaling icons fix
  • Duck jump fix
  • Firstperson deaths
  • Weapon respawn fix
  • Added realistic rain splash effect to rainy maps
  • Added lightning to muzzleflashes (If you are shooting in a dark room then it will be lighted up by the flame muzzleflash from the gun)
  • Team indicator HUD, Team Combine will have a Icon with an "C" and Team Rebels will have a Icon with an "R"
  • Fixed the weapon orientation for Revolver, Frag Grenade, K100, Crossbow, Sniper Rifle & AK47
  • New world model for the Frag Grenade, Ninja Blade and the RPG-7
  • New view model for the Ninja Blade, replaced with an axe
  • Added deploy and undeploy sound to Ironsight
  • Added new Death Notice icons
  • Add lower weapon animations for K100, AK-47 and Sniper Rifle
  • Reduce the speed of the player when he is Ironsighted
  • New Menu Background image
  • New Maps: BF_Islamabad and BF_Coast_Huge
  • Viewmodel prediction fix
  • Duplicate animations fix
  • T-Pose when in water fix
  • The player can pickup objects with the USE key
  • Func_tank can now be controlled by the player
  • Level Transitions in Multi Player is now possible
  • Func_movelinear fix
  • Fixed muzzleflashes on K100, AK-47 and Sniper Rifle
  • Fixed acttables on K100, AK-47, Sniper Rifle, AR2 and Crossbow
  • Added a few new Textures, Models and Sounds
  • Added WeaponSmall Icon and WeaponIconsSmall Icon to all the weapon scripts, this does that you will see the ammo type of your weapon, instead of just "AMMO" it will be a icon of the "bullet form" of the ammo, like when you play HL2:EP2 single player
  • Fixed different bugs in the script & resource files
  • Free aim /w Thirdperson over the shoulder view
  • CL_righthand fix
  • flashlight on viewmodel
  • Task menu vgui list
  • Thirdperson = cheat command
  • Multiplayer transitions
  • Transit your whole class to the new map
  • Pickup strenght
  • Shotgun fast switch bug
  • Teamplay fixes when A.I is involved
  • Fix vehicle player camera judder
  • Show game messages to all
  • prevent weapons and items from respawning
  • Func_tank can now be used to kill others
  • APC Tank no longer lags
  • Fix maxammo for weapons
  • Added new weapon model World and View model for AR2 / Assault Rifle, added ironsight and fov change to it, Reason: The scope view texture has leaked due to our class systems, therefore I would have needed to add a dynamic scope texture to this weapon, and that would not have been possible since only one side of the weapon is being rendered, to get the dynamic scope to work you need to use ironsights as well, and that would have been bugged since then you would have seen parts of the weapon's right side as invisible
  • Added Dynamic Scope texture to Sniper Rifle, and Ironsight for dynamic scope to work properly
  • Fixed Damage Adjusters
  • Added Lean Left & Lean Right functions
  • Add heartbeat sound & breathe sound when you are out of suit power / stamina / sprint
  • Added bots
  • Enabled crosshair when handling the turrets!
  • Objective Task List!
  • Removed Start-Up video

Battle-Force: Multi Player v7.0 Beta Sneak & Peek:

C++ Changes:

  • See your legs / body when looking down.
  • Free aim! // Perhaps...
  • Fix A.I for Multi Player battles.
  • Change speed of the player when he is IRONSIGHTED! (If still not done/implemented)
  • Radio commands.
  • Fix thirdperson cam.
  • New Weaponselection HUD.
  • Add emit particle / bullet decal on Turret & Tank turret on jeep apc tank vehicle.

Script Changes:

  • Add necessary variables to the HUD layout, mod textures, hud textures, etc.

Resource Changes:

  • Add new variables to the Scheme files.

Sound Changes:

  • NPC Sounds.
  • Heartbeat & Breathe sound when HUD veins appear.

Model Changes:

  • Add NPC models.
  • Fixed Sniper Rifle model.

Texture / Material Changes:

  • Add NPC textures.
  • Dynamic Scope texture for the Sniper Rifle.
  • Mini-map pictures for each map in the server dialogue.

Level Design Changes:

  • Complete BF_Jablamahad.
  • Players vs NPCs maps will be created, they will be arena stylish.


Download Battle-Force: Multi Player v6.5 Beta Here: ( HL2 & SDK Base 2007 must be installed in order to get the mod to work properly! )

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