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The Forgotten Ones has officially been released! Tags: tfo mod hl2:ep2 game The Forgotten Ones horror half-life 2: episode 2 moddb valve creepy download released link

The Forgotten Ones has been officially released!

After almost 4 long months with a lot of work it is finally here!
The Forgotten Ones is now ready to be played!
The download link can be found here: -> The Forgotten Ones v1.0 Beta <- 
TFO takes approximately 2.3-2.6GB of size. (Uncompressed)
Proper install instructions:

  • Move the "tfo" folder into your "C:/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/Sourcemods" Folder. 
  • Make sure that these games are installed: Source SDK Base 2007, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast.
  • Turn off all the lights in your room.
  •  If you got a Full-HD screen with a high resolution this will be a plus, due to that the current Health HUD element will be shown best at a high resolution, but a patch will come for this in the future, which will add a brand new health bar/HUD! (But of course a good monitor with high resolution will increase visualization in-game)
  • Your volume should be loud/er.
  • Make sure that all graphic settings are on max, and as well make sure that Color Correction is Enabled!!! 

TFO will freak you out by:
1: Detailed texturing.
2: A lot of ambient sounds.
3: High-res models and textures /w bump maps.
4: Atmosphere.
5: Intensity!

Brief history:
You are to be "Grobuskna Vladinov" a Nazi detective who has been tracking retired Nazi officers who are still breathing freely.
His family got executed during the second world war, and recently he found out who did it, his name is "Dr. Schienzel" and he lives deep inside "Forest swastika" in Germany.
He was Josef Mengele's secret right hand, he helped him with his inhumane treatments and experiments on the human body.
Now Grobuskna is to get to his location, and you are going to decide what will happen next!

- I hope that you will enjoy this new awesome Horror mod! =)
- Cheers!!! :D

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